1. To select a prompt, click on its title.
  2. Read the prompt carefully and view any links or files provided.
  1. To plan your writing, click Prewriting to select and complete a graphic organizer prior to writing.
  2. To download and print a blank graphic organizer, click once on the graphic organizer title to highlight the selection and then click the Print button. 
  3. Double-click on a graphic organizer title to open it. 
  4. After completing your graphic organizer, click Next to begin writing your essay or click Save and Quit to save the organizer and return to complete it later.
  1. To begin writing an essay without prewriting, click Begin Writing
    • If you’ve already selected a graphic organizer and Save and Quit for later writing, on the home page click on the essay title in Writing History. When on the graphic organizer page, click Next.
  2. You can enter text directly into the text box, copy and paste text from the graphic organizer, or copy and paste text from another document. 
  3. A text box is available to cite your sources. The information you write in the citation box will not be scored by the PEG scoring engine.
  4. To stop writing in order to continue later, click Save and Quit.
  5. Click Submit to submit your essay draft for scoring.  A Score Report will be displayed..
  1. On your Score Report, inline spelling and grammar feedback is provided in the body of the essay.
    • Click on a red “S” to display a comment box with a suggestion for correct spelling.
    • Click on a green “G” to display a suggestion for how a grammar error might be corrected.
    • Click Close to exit the messages in the comment boxes.
  2. Options are displayed to the right of the essay text.
    • All essay drafts are listed under Submissions. Click a draft number to display the score report for that draft. 
    • Click Revise to return to your essay and continue editing.
    • Click Format to customize the appearance of your essay when you are ready to finalize it. If you make revisions to an essay that has been formatted, you will need to format the essay again. 
  3. In the Scores area, your scores are displayed based on the PEG Scoring Rubric.
    • The total score is based on a total possible score of 30 points. 
    • The graph displays your scores up to five possible points for each of the six traits of writing.
    • In the Writing Analysis, the score for each trait is shown, as well as Evaluation questions to help you reflect on ways to improve your essay. You may receive specific Feedback with suggestions for revision, and Lessons will be recommended based on score.


  1. On your Score Report, click Revise when you are ready to make changes to improve your essay. 
  2. Click the Displaying drop-down at the top left-side of the page to filter what is displayed on the left-side of the page, – your Graphic Organizer, Previous Draft, or Writing Analysis
  3. Make changes to the essay in the text box and citation field, as desired. 
  4. Click Save and Quit to return later to further revise the new draft, or click Submit to submit the revised draft for scoring. 
  5. A new Score Report will be displayed, and the updated draft will be listed first in the Submissions list.
  6. You can continue to revise and submit essay drafts for scoring until you are ready to finalize your essay.