1. The filters at the top of the page can be used to narrow the list of prompts by Status, Type, Genre, and Content Area.
  2. To search for a specific prompt, type a word in the Search box. Any prompt title or description that contains this word will appear in the prompts list.
  3. Hovering over the icons to the left of each prompt title gives information about the prompt's enabled/disabled status, genre, stimulus material inclusion, prompt type, and content area association. 
  4. A description for each prompt is displayed on the right.
  5. Click on the title of the prompt to view details of the prompt and add Stimulus Material, if desired.
    •  You can only add stimulus material to prompts that you have added. 
  6. Customize the prompt by clicking on the plus sign for Advanced Options
  7. Click Save to save any changes made to the prompt.
  1. To enable a prompt that is disabled, select the checkbox beside the disable prompt.
  2. Select the Edit button, and from the drop-down menu select Enable.
  3. The prompt will show in the list of prompts with a green check mark in the Enabled column.
  1. To create and add a writing prompt, click the Add button.
  2. Enter a Title and write a Description for the prompt.
  3. Select a Genre from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Select a Content Area to assign to the prompt, if you choose.
  5. Customize the prompt by clicking on the plus sign for Advanced Options (see Setting Advanced Options for a Prompt to customize the prompt specifications). 
  6. Click Save, or to add stimulus material such as reading passages, website URLs, or graphics, click Save and Add Stimulus Material.
    • To add a document or an image to the stimulus material, enter a label for the document, click Choose File to upload the document or image. 
    • To add a website URL, enter a label, in Type select URL, and paste in the website address in the URL field.
  7. To delete a prompt you have created click on the title of your prompt and click Delete Prompt to remove the prompt from the prompts table.
  1. To customize the options for a particular prompt, click on the title of the prompt.
  2. Under the prompt information, click the + next to Advanced Options.
  3. You can choose to set the following optional features or leave the default settings.
  4. Click Save. The prompt options you have chosen will be active for you when you write to this particular prompt.


  • You can enable or disable a timer for writing. If Enabled, you can set the timer for any time period between 30 and 90 minutes.

Grammar and Spelling Feedback

  • This option controls when you will see PEG grammar and spelling feedback. Set the draft number to 1 if you want to see the feedback with the first essay draft. Set the number higher, up to 99, so you don’t see the feedback until you have revised the essay the set number of times.

Specialized Vocabulary List

  • In the Specialized Vocabulary List field, you can add any technical or uncommon vocabulary words that might be incorrectly tagged as spelling errors. These are words that are appropriate for the content of the essays, but are not recognized by the scoring engine. Words added in this field will not be flagged as misspelled words in the essays.

Score Enabling

  • Your scores on submitted drafts will be hidden until you have written the number of drafts you specify in this field.