A table is displayed with all the essays that students in the course have written. The essays are listed chronologically with the most recent draft submission first.

  1. You can filter the table for a particular Student or for a particular Prompt.
    • For each essay, the table displays the Date and time the most recent essay draft was written, the essay Due Date if assigned, the Student name, the Prompt name, the Stage (draft number, and completion Status.
    • In the Reviewed column, you can see if the student requested a peer review for the essay draft, and how many of the peer review group members have reviewed it.
    • The Messages column displays a number if there's a message about the essay and a link to view a new message, if the student sends one. The link will navigate to the message within the student's score report.
  2. To delete a student's essay draft, click on the essay Date in the table and then click the Delete button at the top of the student's score report. The essay draft will be removed from Recent Student Activity as well as the reports, so it's important to be sure you intend to permanently delete the draft.


Click the Edit button on the right side of the page.

  1. Select Edit Course to:
    1. Change the Course Name, Start Date and/or End Date, adjust the scoring Level for the course, and allow/disable the User Avatar option. Click Save to save any changes.
    2. Click Add Instructor to add a fellow instructor to the course to give them access to the student's essays. This provides an opportunity for cross-curricular Feedback. Once you've selected an instructor click the Add Instructor button.
  2. Select Print to:
    1. Print a single essay or multiple essays that you have first selected by clicking the boxes next to the submission dates.